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Dear customer

About FM258 frame, because our products design by professional designers design, product strength and rigidity of the various aspects of performance is very good, the material and we are all 100% use toray carbon fiber, so since its launch in 2017 has been liked by the consumers, The products are always out of stock.And because of that, At present, in the Chinese market, we have found that some factories take our frames to make the same imitation, It is difficult to tell the difference between real and fake pictures when painting is finished,In order to prevent the vast number of consumers from buying counterfeit and inferior products ,We would like to remind you that:

1. Please only identify the business sales of HongFu sales. We do not have any second agent or sales agent.

2. Each frame produced by us has the unique production code of our factory. If you buy suspected products, you can ask our business for confirmation, and we can find the production code to confirm with you. Finally, I hope you can buy safe and reliable products,

Finally, I wish you a happy shopping, thank you 

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